Clawfoot Tub Refinishing Service

Home owners are rediscovering the joy, elegance and simplicity of antique clawfoot tub restoration.

Clawfoot Tub Refinishing Service

Clawfoot Tub Restoration Service

Clawfoot tubs have always been a popular choice among homeowners, but what do you do when yours starts to look a little worn down? Or perhaps you love reusing old furniture, but your perfect clawfoot has seen better days?

Luckily, clawfoot bathtub refinishing is a growing trend, and we’re happy to help people restore their tubs to prime condition. There’s no reason to abandon your dream bathroom- in fact, a clawfoot bathtub restoration cost could be are far less than you might think.

Unlike modern fixtures, which can quickly go out of fashion, clawfoot tubs provide a touch of timeless elegance to any bathroom. As well as offering plenty of space, they are also an extremely versatile fixture, fitting in with virtually any style. That’s because traditional clawfoots of yesteryear were usually white in color, meaning they won’t clash with any other colors, leaving you free to stamp your own style on the rest of the bathroom. They are also made of far more attractive materials than modern tubs- primarily from cast iron, with a porcelain or ceramic interior and exterior on top of that.

If your clawfoot tub needs a little TLC, then Surface Renew is the perfect choice for the job at hand. It couldn’t be easier to refinish your clawfoot tub, thanks to our highly experienced team. We specialize in clawfoot tub refinishing and clawfoot tub reglazing, and can work on virtually any tub to have it looking just like new again. We take pride not only in our skills and expertise, but also in our highly affordable rates.

When it comes to clawfoot tub restoration costs, you won’t find a better price anywhere else for such a high-quality service. So, if you’re looking for the best in clawfoot bathtub refinishing or clawfoot tub repair, then get in touch today to find out just what we can do for you!

When you contact us to repair or refurbish your clawfoot tub, be sure to inquire about the color options available to you.

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