Antique Kitchen Sink Refurbishing

Antique Vintage Farm Sink after Refurbishing Restoration by Surface Renew

Antique Vintage Farm Sink after Refurbishing Restoration by Surface Renew

Refurbish your antique kitchen sink to a like new appearance even if it’s showing scratches, pits, cracks, rust or discoloring due to wear, age or extreme use.

Older period homes have a unique appeal and charm to them. When updating and remodeling a period home, most owners want to maintain that original appeal and charm by preserving as many of the original antique fixtures as they can.

Refurbishing your vintage antique kitchen sinks and counter tops goes a long way to help retain your historic period home’s appeal, charm and overall value while being functional for you and your family.

Surface Renew offers affordable and easy options to “Renew” your antique kitchen sink. Can also refurbish antique vintage counters, bathtubs, and wall tiles.

Our experts have repaired, refurbished, resurfaced and reglazed many antique sinks, counters, bathtubs and wall tiles in vintage Arkansas and Kentucky homes.

Our preservation service makes your vintage sinks shine like new! And only for a fraction of the price of replacing your original antique kitchen sink with a new “vintage style” sink. This works in any style classic home but farmhouse kitchens are our specialty.

Your sink refurbishing is a decision is not only aesthetic, it’s practical too. The renewed surface will be very durable and easy to care for. The products we use to refurbish your kitchen sink will withstand cooking, cleaning, stacking and scrubbing dirty dishes, pots, plates, china, dogs and even babies!

Whether you have a farmhouse sink, a double, triple, ceramic or porcelain- call us today. Talk to one of our antique kitchen sink refurbishing experts to go over options of colors and finishes available to compliment your vintage home style.

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