Apartment Managers Who Update Bathrooms with Surface Renew Attract Renters

HOA Apt Shower and Tub Tile After Surface RenewSurface Renew understands that not every renter takes care of his or her apartment upon vacating the premise.

Do you currently own or help manage an apartment complex that needs upgrades, repairs and resurfacing done in the bathroom, showers or kitchens?

Whether you physically own or help to manage an apartment complex, making decisions on behalf of the residents regarding upkeep of property maintenance is an important job!

Surface Renew can help provide cost effective and time saving options that make the decisions easier for repairs and resurfacing of bathtubs, showers, and kitchen surfaces.

We understand that ultimately you want options that are cost conscious and time sensitive to clean, update, repair and rent more apartments. The longer it takes you to take care of these maintenance issues, the more vacancies you have.

Our Surface Renew team values the importance you have on getting your repairs and upgrades you need in the bathroom and kitchens in a timely, professional manner.

How will you benefit with Kitchen and Bathtub Repair and Resurfacing services for your property?

There are three main areas of interest where you will benefit the most.

These benefits include:

  • saving time
  • saving money
  • and making more money from the resources you have 

The Surface Renew team will you save time in how long repairs and resurfacing of kitchen and bathtub surfaces.

First: your down-time for each apartment can be shortened to a fraction of the time other traditional repair or replacement services offer.

The second benefit is that you will save money. Surface Renew  understands some repairs can be a huge investment. We provide a combination of options for your property that deliver a fresh and updated look without needing to replace entire fixtures or surfaces in the apartment bathrooms and kitchens.  The turn around will be much faster, which means a more seamless transition for you.

The third benefit is that you can actually re-evaluate current rent prices from a vacant apartment you will have available to future renters. After updating the kitchen and bathrooms with the services we provide, you can actually make more money by being able to charge higher rent for the newly renovated property.

Surface Renew helps ensure your property value retains, while the downtime between renters and repair costs are reduced.

To receive the professional quality you need for a fraction of the expense, contact Surface Renew Tub & Tile Restoration Company promptly with your inquiries. We will be happy to set up time to provide on-site consultations, customizable service packages, and quote estimates.

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