Tile refinishing puts a new surface on your bathtub, sink or tile. We can repair worn, damaged and broken tiles. Change outdated colors to match and show your personal style. And all with less mess and at a much lower cost than replacing with new items.

Renew your old sink, bathtub or tile surfaces with a like new looking modern color. Save on the high cost or replacement! Less waste means it’s better for the Mother Earth. And also you keep the style you love but with a new durable surface!

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Surface Renew Tile Refinishing Service

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As you probably already know, tile refinishing is very durable and affordable. So homeowners and property managers find tile refinishing attractive over costly replacement.

Simply changing the tile color (or redoing tile in the same color) can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Therefore resurfacing kitchen tile has many benefits over replacing it.

Does your bathroom tile have outdated colors? If so then we can change the tile color for you. Even if they are chipped, broken or damaged! So now you can make old tile look new again for a fraction of the cost of new tile.

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