Don’t Replace, Renew! Update Old Tub and Tile with Surface Renew

Don’t Replace, Renew! Update Old Tub and Tile with Surface Renew 2015-04-24T00:08:42+00:00

Don’t Replace, Renew! Update Old Tub and Tile with Surface Renew

Surface Renew will help make your old tub and tile surfaces one of the greatest assets of your property. Choosing the option to resurface or repair your current surface rather than replace the entire tub or tile is a more affordable option for you with longer-lasting results.

With so many surfaces and refinishing projects to cover as a home-seller, your main focus does not necessarily have to be expensive. Highlighting the kitchen and bathroom area of the property is a key way you will be able to receive the top dollar value you want for your home.

Does your kitchen and bath still have original tile and shower enclosures from the 60’s, 70’s- 80’s? Outdated surface design, or worn out surfaces are not as appealing to home buyers.

Most home buyers are eager to move into a house that is fully upgraded and current with trends. They often are willing to pay more for your house when they know they do not have to do the upgrades themselves. Surface Renew creates the perfect win-win situation to help you update those rooms while keeping your investment low. You can freshen up your kitchen and bath tile surfaces without breaking your budget.

Less can be more, when the little changes of updating your current surfaces will create a big impact on the rest of your home. Resurfacing these surface areas make the difference between a quick sale and no sale at all. Buyers will appreciate this eco-friendly approach, when you can present these surfaces with a modern finish.

Trying to save more money by taking on DIY projects yourself?

When considering bathtub, shower and tile repairs, it is better to have something done the right way the first time, instead of risking a bigger expense with potential damage down the road.

Surface Renew is trained and fully certified to handle these repair projects with the best quality products. You don’t need to have a learning curve in the most costly rooms in your house. Instead, contact Surface Renew and outsource this part of your kitchen and bath resurfacing upgrades. The time and money you save by having our team take care of your bathroom and kitchen resurfacing will be gained back when you sell.

The relationship between you and your future home buyer is worth the value of investing in proper tile, tub and shower resurfacing and repair services. Taking time to focus on the two most-accessed areas of a home, like the kitchen and bathroom, will guarantee a higher price-point and successful transaction. Surface Renew will ensure you have the appearance you need to market your home property with confidence.

With years of experience in home repair, renovation, and resurfacing services, you can trust Surface Renew to make your house, a home.

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