Kitchen Tile Refinishing vs. Replacement

Are your kitchen counter tiles worn and broken? Or do they look old and you want to update the look? Then kitchen tile refinishing is a great low cost alternative to replacement.

Kitchen Tile Refinishing and Tile Repair

Tile Repair and Refinishing, Bond a Like New Surface

Counter tile refinishing has an obvious advantage over replacement. Especially if time is an important factor in your decision.

Whereas replacing a countertop takes weeks, a refinishing job is complete in only 2-3 hours. Additionally, you’ll avoid the construction mess that comes with building a new countertop. And so tile refinishing saves you time, money and hassle.

In fact, kitchen tile refinishing and resurfacing saves people as much as 70% of the overall cost of tile replacement. This means you can save a lot more on your remodeling costs. Also potentially allowing you do do more remodeling; such as buying new fixtures or appliances because of all the money you are saving!

Durable and Looks Great

Kitchen counter tile repair, tile refinishing and tile resurfacing is a durable way to update the look of your kitchen tile surfaces. While tile refinishing can breathe new life into a room it can also last a long time. As long, of course, as you properly maintain your new surface.

Watch a Review of our Work

“Surface Renew fixed my old kitchen countertops so I didn’t have to replace them. They were a mess, gouged, chipped, and the ends all tore up. They came in, resurfaced it with a new current look, and did it all in less than 3 hours. The cost was reasonable and the work crew was very nice. Thanks guys!”

Kitchen Tile Refinishing is Eco-Friendly

If you opt to repair, refinish or resurface your kitchen tile rather than replace it, then less materials end up in a landfill. In other words, think of kitchen tile repair as an effective way to recycle and reuse rather than replace and throw away.

For more info or a quote on kitchen tile repair, refinishing or resurfacing your kitchen tiles, call us to talk about options for your home.

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