Bathtub Reglazing and Resurfacing

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Bathtub Reglazing and Resurfacing

Top 3 Hidden Costs of DIY vs. Pro Tub Refinishing
There’s more to the overall cost of something besides the initial purchase price. Don’t start your DIY tub refinishing until you read this first!

Tub Reglazing Service
Tub reglazing is a low-cost of method of repairing your bathtub with a new surface instead of expensive replacement. Free quote call 501-920-9326.

Replace or Reglaze Tub?
If you’re undertaking a kitchen or bathroom makeover and struggling to decide what stays and what goes, remember to balance the pros and the cons of replacement vs. resurfacing, and the budget.

Reglazing Bathtubs
Learn about reglazing bathtubs process, timescale and price. Is it better to reglaze or replace? Find out now!

Bathtub Reglazing Q&A
Bathtub reglazing (also known as bathtub resurfacing) is a cost effective bathroom makeover alternative to painting or replacing a bathtub that is chipped, worn, and hard to clean or an outdated color.

Bathtub Refinishing and Resurfacing
Repairing your bath tubs by resurfacing or refinishing can be a more affordable option than replacing your bath tub.

Bathtub Drain Trim Ring and Cover
Drop in drain covers and trim rings are easy to install and look great. A fantastic alternative to expensive drain replacement.

Shower Resurfacing
Age, wear and tear, chips, out dated colors and various other issues can make a shower look worn a shabby or be hard to keep clean. Expert shower resurfacing will restore the shower to showroom appearance.

Reglazing Bathtubs for Property and Hotel Managers
Reglazing bathtubs service in commercial settings for property managers and hotels.

What is Bathtub, Sink and Tile Resurfacing?
Resurfacing a bathtub, sink or tiles takes a few hours and gives a new surface appearance with clean vibrant colors without costly demolition and replacement.

Repair Old Bathtub, Sink and Tile Surfaces
Worn, damaged and broken tiles can be repaired. Outdated colors can be changed to meet the style and desire of each client, and all of this can be done with less mess and at a much lower cost than a total remodeling job. Tile refinishing is a process that puts a new outer coating all over the bathtub, sink or tile.

About Bathtub, Sink and Tile Refinishing Service
Renew your old sink, bathtub or tile surfaces with a newly refinished hard coating in a modern color. Save on the high cost or replacement, less waste and keep the style you love but with a new durable surface.

Bathtub Reglazing Video w/ Before & After Images
Bathtub reglazing before and after images of our work. Your bathtub can be refinished for a fraction of the cost and be ready to use the same day work is done!

Bathtub Resurfacing Made Easy by Surface Renew
Bathtub resurfacing from Surface Renew is great for instantly refreshing dingy, dull and outdated bathroom surfaces such as: sinks, bathtubs, and counter top surfaces.

Antique Bathtub Refurbishing
Repair or refurbish your antique bathtub or clawfoot tub. Be sure to inquire about the color options available to you for the outside look of your tub.

Bathtub Resurfacing & Refinishing for Real Estate Investments
Looking for an easier way to update kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, showers and tubs when investing or selling real estate property? Surface Renew Tub & Tile restoration can assist you with adding more appeal to your investment in a timely and cost effective way.