Clawfoot Tub Refinishing

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Clawfoot Tub Refinishing

Clawfoot tubs are a prized possession in many households thanks to their beauty, stability, and that special touch they add to the bathroom. However, all tubs will dull over time as they collect dirt, soap scum, and other debris. The added moisture doesn’t help either, so at some point you may be looking at clawfoot tub refinishing to get the shine back.

What is Clawfoot Tub Refinishing?

Also known as reglazing, this is a process where the surface of the tub has the layers of age, dirt, soap scum, and other elements removed and then a new surface applied so that you have a new bright surface restored to it’s original luster. Old damaged tubs are thoroughly cleaned which removes the old layers of dirt and debris for building surfaces. Then properly prepared to receive a reglazed new surface. Our clawfoot tub restoration service is safe and highly cost effective for home owners even if the surface has been chipped.

The resurfacing and clawfoot tub reglazing as performed by Surface Renew provides you with a means to bring back the shine and brightness of your tub at a fraction of the cost compared to purchasing a new one. If it’s an antique clawfoot tub then reglazing is your only option. Luckily it’s also your best option!

Why Choose Clawfoot Bathtub Refinishing?

There are several reasons why this type of refinishing provides benefits to homeowners and investors looking to improve the overall appearance of their bathroom and boost the sale value of their property as well.

Repair Damage: Surface Renew can repair cracks, dents, dings, scratches and other damages prior to reglazing your clawfoot tub. It’s similar to body work on a car prior to painting. We make sure all the damaged areas are brought up to level and that we have a smooth surface to refinish.

Drain Covers: We can replace tub drain covers and other trim or fixtures as needed. In the case of antique clawfoot tubs then we can replace parts based on availability.

Fast Refinishing: The refinishing process itself does not take very long and it can be done without removing the bathtub from the bathroom. This means that the refinishing clawfoot tub treatment is simple, straightforward, and handled by our in house professionals so that it is done quickly. This means that you can use your tub again in a short period of time, in most cases the same day.

Like-New Surface: The clawfoot bathtub refinishing process adds a new surface onto the tub itself. The surface is now hard coated (glazed) so that it better resists the stains, soap scum, and debris that collects within the tub itself. You will enjoy having a like-new clawfoot tub in your home.

Low Cost: The clawfoot tub refinishing cost is but a fraction compared to purchasing a new tub. It was not long ago that refinish clawfoot tub cost were simply impractical. Today, thanks to new technology clawfoot bathtub refinishing is very affordable and the perfect solution for improving the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Higher Home Value: It may seem like a stretch at first to say that having clawfoot tub refinishing may improve the overall sale value of your home. But the truth is that the appearance of your bathroom has a major impact on potential buyers. The appearance of your seemingly brand new clawfoot tub will leave a positive impression on potential buyers and may help to sell your home even faster or perhaps for a higher price.

Surface Renew offers the best in clawfoot tub refinishing which takes away years of debris buildup along with smoothing out the surface. In addition, the reglazing means that the surface is now better protected so the like-new appearance will look great and last even longer with minimal maintenance. The result is a tub that will last for many more years increasing your enjoyment while you own your home and improving the sale value of your property.  Call today for a special quote on refinishing your clawfoot tub.