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However much time and effort you put into redecorating your bathroom, from painting and tiling to new plumbing, all of that can be undone by an old, worn out, stained bathtub. However, reglazing bathtubs is the perfect way to put the finishing touch on your bathroom look. And reglazing is much less hassle than you might think.

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Reglazing bathtubs: Example of our work in progress. Tub looks great, next work up is tile around the tub.

Reglazing Bathtubs Process

There are several steps to the reglazing process, although depending on which materials are used, this process may vary. First we clean the tub to remove any dirt or imperfections. We then fix or fill in any chips or cracks in your bathtub to give the best possible finish. Then we apply an etching acid to create a rough surface for the glaze to adhere to. This prevents it from chipping or peeling off. Once the glaze is fully dry it is then buffed and polished for a smooth and shiny finish.


Bathtub reglazing is quick and easy so long as there are no unforeseen complications. In fact, the reglazing often only takes a few hours. After 24 hours curing time it’s back in service. So it is an extremely time effective process.

Replacing vs. Reglazing

Replacing a tub is a more complex process which will vary a lot from tub to tub. In the most straightforward cases, it involves cutting your existing bathtub to pieces, disposing of them, and then installing the new one. If your home needs any updates to the pipes or floor around the tub, then these parts will need to be removed and replaced, too. Naturally, this assumes that the bathroom is in good condition overall. If additional repairs are necessary then that will add to the cost as well.

In most cases, reglazing is a much simpler task than completely replacing the tub. So there is far less disputation to your home life by reglazing. Since replacing a tubs takes weeks to complete, reglazing bathtubs in half a day seems more likeable. And because of the time factor reglazing is cheaper than replacement.


While prices vary from job to job, the average price of reglazing bathtubs is around $400. While replacing a bath tub can cost of $3,000! And when the reglazing is all done it looks like new. So most people who see it will think you got a new tub.

While it is possible to buy a reglazing kit and attempt the process yourself, we  strongly advise against this. The reason is these OTC products often don’t work well. While sometimes is just lack of experience in application is usually due to an inferior product. They either bubble or peel, or the glaze wears extremely fast. Leaving you with having to do it again in a short period of time. Our glaze is pro quality and we certainly all the necessary tools and experience for doing the job right. So all in all, if you aren’t comfortable with the learning curve, then our professional tub reglazing service is likely your cheapest option.

Best Quality Service

If you have an older tub and decide to have professional refinishing, the end result might be a higher quality tub than anything you could buy new for the same price. Most new tubs (especially in the cheap to moderate price ranges) are of the same quality material or craftsmanship as older ones are. And so reglazing can give you the results you are looking for.

We work hard to get your dingy old tub looking good as new again. Whether it’s made of fiberglass, acrylic, or porcelain, we can reglaze them all. The whole process is fast and easy, taking between 2 and 5 hours. And then you’ll be able to use the bathtub the very next day. How convenient is that?

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