Reglazing Services for Commercial Property Management

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Commercial Properties: Hotels, Property Management

Flipping Homes: How to Save Time and Money on Resurfacing Tub, Sink and Tile
Flipping homes has become a big trend among Real Estate investors. The point of flipping is to spend less on the remodel and in so doing, increase the profit. Resurfacing bathtubs, sinks and tile is a great way to achieve this goal. Investors call on Bob and Ryan to make updates that turn the bathrooms and kitchens into like-new condition. Homes sell faster and the profits are higher. It’s a win/win!

Surface Renew Advantages- Save Time, Money and Resources
Surface Renew can transform your home and/or rental properties for a reasonable price and without a huge mess. Update bathrooms and kitchens into like-new condition.

Don’t Replace, Renew! Update Old Tub and Tile with Surface Renew
Surface Renew will help make your old tub and tile surfaces one of the greatest assets of your property. Choosing the option to resurface or repair your current surface rather than replace the entire tub or tile is a more affordable option for you with longer-lasting results.

Reglazing Bathtubs for Property and Hotel Managers
Reglazing bathtubs service in commercial settings for property managers and hotels.

Kitchen Counter Refinishing and Repair – Apartment Rental Unit Fayetteville, AR
Repair burn marks on kitchen counter, seal counter top seam where water damaged and resurface counters to look like new. A rental unit in an apartment complex in Fayetteville got a neutral stone color to make the kitchen counters. Looked new again for a fraction of the price and time involved in replacement!

Apartment Managers Who Update Bathrooms with Surface Renew Attract Renters
Apartment owners and managers who hire Surface Renew, Inc, the midwest’s leading experts in tile, shower, tub resurfacing, help attract quality renters.

Hotels Keep Bathrooms Sanitary and Current with Tub & Tile Refinishing
Surface Renew Tub & Tile Restoration knows that one objective hotel establishments have is a consistent financial stream that comes from quickly renting rooms.

Bathtub Resurfacing & Refinishing for Real Estate Investments
Looking for an easier way to update kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, showers and tubs when investing or selling real estate property? Surface Renew Tub & Tile restoration can assist you with adding more appeal to your investment in a timely and cost effective way.