Replace or Reglaze Tub? Tub Refinishing has its Perks

If you’re undertaking a kitchen or bathroom makeover and struggling to decide what stays and what goes, remember to balance the pros and the cons of replacement vs. refinishing (resurfacing), and the budget.

The critical factor when you’re deciding which elements you can keep in a bathroom remodel is to know the difference between decorating and remodeling. You can make very different decisions when you’re primarily looking at redecorating your bath by updating your colors vs. replacing the fixtures and accessories.

A number of homes are fitted with sinks, tubs and tiles that are still in good enough condition to not warrant immediate replacement but maybe the colors are not up to par or there are chips and defects in the surface.

At times though, the problem is not with the color but with the style. For instance, a cultured marble finish could be transformed to a stone fleck surface with a professional reglazing process.

It could even be that the color or finishes are really not the issue, but the tub, sink and/ or tile are showing signs of ageing. Hard water too can have a negative effect on the homes and provoke damage. We at Surface Renew can literally renew these items, giving them a brand new look and feel. The quality is superior and the work is durable and guaranteed. A white bathtub can remain white, while chips and other damage can be erased away like magic.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association claim an average bathtub removal and replacement costs about $3,500. That’s not just the new tub but also extensive trouble-shooting and labor. Such as the high cost of things like tearing out the door and wall because you can’t get the old tub out or modifying the floor underneath to accommodate a new tub design.

Refinishing a tub is less than 1/4 of that cost in most markets, and has the added advantages of not interfering with lead drain traps that have been soldered into place and letting you keep your existing doors and floors intact. If cost is the driving factor, refinishing via reglazing the tub is probably your best option over a costly replacement.

All the same goes for other expensive components such as sinks and tiled counter tops. Sometimes the cost of replacement is so prohibitive that reglazing is your best viable option to obtain a fresh new look. If you’re remodeling and trying to match your fixtures to your new color scheme we can change your color to match your remodel.

Residential and Commercial Reglazing Service

Although Surface Renew is a popular choice for professional reglazing service among home owners, we also work closely with commercial accounts such as apartment buildings, property managers, hotels and motels. Renewing surfaces by reglazing a proven approach for apartment owners and property managers. Renewing creates a new and sparkling look. This translates to making the property suitable for higher rent to be charged while also attracting a better quality of renters. The same also can be said of hotels and motels. A clean updated look translates to more bookings.

It should come as no surprise that an old, worn out, chipped and stained sink or bathtub can easily undo the time and effort that one has put into redecorating a bathroom, from the painting and tiling, down to the new plumbing. Have a look at our before and after photos and you will see what we are capable of doing for you.

Surface Renew can redefine your home and/ or rental properties for a reasonable price without the hassle of constant intrusion from contractors stomping though your home, long delays or creating a mess. Now is the time to get started. It’s as easy as scheduling Surface Renew for an onsite consultation. To get your 100% free quote for bathtub reglazing, get in touch by calling us at 501-990-9326 in Central AR or 479-226-0703 in Northwest AR.

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