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Surface Renew Services

Surface Renew is widely known for expert level repairing and resurfacing services for bathtubs, showers, kitchen counter tops, sinks and wall tile surfaces.

Our process results in a very high quality end result. An added bonus is the durability and beauty of our finished work.

Read our FAQ for more information on what to expect with our services and how we work.

When you’re ready for a custom quote, or if you have any other questions, please call us at 501-920-9326. Get a free on-site consult and quote for your tub and tile resurfacing options.

Home and Business Services

Surface Renew is a popular choice for tile refinishing service among Arkansas and Kentucky home owners. We also work closely with business accounts such as apartment buildings, property managers, hotels, motels, and schools.

Renewing surfaces by refinishing (AKA reglazing and resurfacing) is a proven approach for creating a clean new look. This creates a more desirable user experience. And because of that, happy customers come back more often. And so too happy tenants stay longer.

Contact Surface Renew today to set time for an onsite price quote of your bathroom and kitchen surfaces.