Kitchen Tile Resurfacing

Hotels Keep Bathrooms Sanitary and Current with Tub & Tile Refinishing

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Surface Renew Tub & Tile Restoration knows that one objective hotel establishments have is a consistent financial stream that comes from quickly renting rooms.    The ambiance and aesthetics your hotel has factors into the amount you can charge for your rooms. Smart hotel owners and managers know that making sure bathrooms, kitchens, and additional

Antique Kitchen Sink Refurbishing

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Antique Vintage Farm Sink after Refurbishing Restoration by Surface Renew Refurbish your antique kitchen sink to a like new appearance even if it's showing scratches, pits, cracks, rust or discoloring due to wear, age or extreme use.Older period homes have a unique appeal and charm to them. When updating and remodeling a period home,

Bathtub Resurfacing & Refinishing for Real Estate Investments

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Looking for an easier way to update kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, showers and tubs when investing or selling real estate property?Surface Renew Tub & Tile restoration can assist you with adding more appeal to your investment in a timely and cost effective way.Surface Renew Tub & Tile Restoration understands that time is a big deal