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Bathtub Reglazing Q&A

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Bathtub reglazing (also known as bathtub resurfacing) is a cost effective bathroom makeover alternative to painting or replacing a bathtub that is chipped, worn, hard to clean or an outdated color. Surface Renew will repair chips or cracks and restore the bathtub surface to look and feel like new in a current modern

Apartment Managers Who Update Bathrooms with Surface Renew Attract Renters

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Surface Renew understands that not every renter takes care of his or her apartment upon vacating the premise. Do you currently own or help manage an apartment complex that needs upgrades, repairs and resurfacing done in the bathroom, showers or kitchens? Whether you physically own or help to manage an apartment complex, making decisions on

Hotels Keep Bathrooms Sanitary and Current with Tub & Tile Refinishing

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Surface Renew Tub & Tile Restoration knows that one objective hotel establishments have is a consistent financial stream that comes from quickly renting rooms.    The ambiance and aesthetics your hotel has factors into the amount you can charge for your rooms. Smart hotel owners and managers know that making sure bathrooms, kitchens, and additional

Bathtub Resurfacing Made Easy by Surface Renew

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Bathtub resurfacing is one of the leading services Surface Renew offers.  Whether you are a homeowner, real estate investor, hotel owner, or just need an affordable way to update and increase value in your kitchen and bathrooms, resurfacing adds quality to your property without maxing your budget. Bathtub resurfacing from Surface Renew is great

Antique Bathtub Refurbishing by Surface Renew

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Home owners are waxing nostalgic over clawfoot bathtubs.  Maybe your home has an existing clawfoot tub that looks a bit weathered and worn? Are you the kind of home owner that loves to reuse and recycle, you've found the perfect clawfoot to bring into your home…but the finish looks like it has seen better days?

Bathroom Counters Tops Transform Within 4 Hours by Surface Renew Tile Refinishing

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Does your bathroom have a great layout but still sports outdated counter tops? Ready to transform your counter tops in as little as 4 hours? House trends change. Bathrooms, kitchens, wall color, flooring choices.  One of the great benefits of advances in technology is the ability to update the look of your home with out

Bathroom Countertop Resurfacing

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Bathroom counter top trends have changed over the years.   Does the bathroom in your home have Laminate, Corian, or Formica? Exiting options for you to update and renew the look of your counter tops without a major investment in time or money are available from our team at Surface Renew! Love the look of

Tile Resurfacing and Tile Color Change

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Does your bathroom tile have an outdated color scheme? If so then we can change the tile color for you! (Even if they are chipped, broken or damaged.) Tile resurfacing color change from pink to white. The process of changing tile color is done by tile resurfacing. The end result of wall

Bathtub Resurfacing & Refinishing for Real Estate Investments

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Looking for an easier way to update kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, showers and tubs when investing or selling real estate property?Surface Renew Tub & Tile restoration can assist you with adding more appeal to your investment in a timely and cost effective way.Surface Renew Tub & Tile Restoration understands that time is a big deal